Santorini island


Κάτω Γούβες, Ηράκλειο, Κρήτη
Ηράκλειο Κρήτης
Λιμένας Χερσονήσου
Ελούντα Αγ.Νικολάου
Αγ.Νικόλαος , Κρήτη
Πισκοπιανο, Χερσονησου

Περιεχόμενο προσφοράς: 

Dreamy combination Santorini & Crete.

Black sand and white houses, indigo sea and grey earth, green fields and petrified lava . No other island quite compares with the wild natural beauty of the volcanic island of Santorini.

The history of Santorini island is the history of a volcano. Contrasting layers of pumice-stone and santorinean soil, bear witness to the eruption of the volcano, which took place some 3500 years ago, causing three quarters of the island to sink into the sea . The vivid marks this enormous catastrophe, in connection with the ruins of a highly advanced civilization, remnants of which were recently found at Akrotiri, have lead many to believe that Santorini is the legendary lost Atlantis.

The atmosphere of this unique island will intoxicate you, just as much as the taste of the strong local wines and the view from Fira, the town perched on the top of the sheer cliffs of the devastated earth, will remain with you, long after your cruise to Santorini will be over.

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